Grub N Gab Sept. 27 Recap

Summer has ended and we welcomed Fall with a fun meeting led by Michael, “Oktoberfest.” Did you know that Oktoberfest started 183 years ago in Munich, Germany?  This event began as a marriage festival with horse races and was eventually replaced by beer.  This year’s Munich Oktoberfest runs Sept. 17 to Oct. 3.  Locally, we also can celebrate Oktoberfest at the Old World German Village in Huntington Beach through Oct. 30.  In addition to serving as Toastmaster, Michael provided a speech.  In keeping with the theme, Michael elaborated on Oktoberfest’s history, policies, food and beer tents.

Saurabh’s brain storming Table Topic questions led Garrette, Heather, AnnaLisa, Michael, Bidhan, Chris, and Nehal to share their juicy, personal stories of their favorite beers, on a date drinking beer, and their experiences drinking too much alcohol.  Our guest, Garrett won the award ribbon for his idea of renaming Oktoberfest to Happinessfest!

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