Grub N Gab Sept. 20 Recap

Julie was the Toastmaster of the Day on September 20. Our theme was pumpkin spice, and Julie mentioned it was everywhere which is why she picked it. She also brought in some great Oreo pumpkin spice cookies, which everyone enjoyed. We had two guests, Kyle and Larry join us at the meeting.

We had two great speeches this week, Christopher shared his Questival adventures, an amazing race equals survivor type of competition race that challenges its participants to do things beyond their comfort zone. We saw Christopher eat a bug, cross the border and come back across the border (whew!), and do handstands just to name a few items. We then had another speech from Heather who did her Icebreaker speech where she not only drew us into her life but had us crying with her during her momentous occasions of her life.  Deb fortunately comes prepared and was able to hand out the tissues. We were truly touched by Heather’s journey in life and learning about her mentor Tricia Toyota, her beauty pageant contest, her intense desire to go to UCLA, where she was fortunate to meet her husband; and getting to know her family and the challenges she faces now with her aging parents.

Since we went over time for the speeches, Deb had a limited time to do Table Topics, but nevertheless provided some great questions for our theme of the meeting. Our guest Kyle was the first to volunteer and talked about why he liked football and Shirin discussed about how she hated the time changing back and forth, wishing it would remain the same.

Our winners this week were: Shirin -Table Topics, Heather – Speech, Jeanie – Evaluation

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