Grub N Gab Oct. 4 Recap

This week, we were happy to have three guests at our meeting, our theme was Fall Colors.  Our Toastmaster, Saurabh, kicked off the meeting with an explanation of why the leaves change colors in the Fall. Tien, our first speaker, provided a speech from the Successful Club Series inspiring us to “Evaluate to Motivate.”  One of the tips Tien provided was for speakers to reach out to their evaluators before the meeting.  If there is anything you, as a speaker, want your evaluator to look for, let them know ahead of time.  Meanwhile, Ernesto delivered his second speech to our club. His reworked Ice-Breaker was filled with humor and beautiful pictures of his family and the things they love to do.  One of our guests, Prashant, took home the best Table Topics prize explaining what he doesn’t like about Fall.  With added insight from Tien’s speech, Shirin successfully evaluated Ernesto’s speech motivating him to keep up the good work.

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