Feb. 21 Grub N Gab Toastmasters Recap

Thank you to everyone for a successful club contest.  Congrats to everyone that overcame their fears and participated in the Table Topics contest.  Heather will represent us at the International Speech Contest and Julie will represent us at the Table Topics Contest.

Next week we will host our Open House.  Be sure to keep promoting to your colleagues, friends & family.

Flyer courtesy of Deb Evans

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters Open House

Grub N Gab Toastmasters will be hosting an Open House. Learn more about Toastmasters can help you overcome your fear of public speaking and grow your leadership skills. Our current members will share stories regarding how Toastmasters improved their life.

Please bring a government issued photo ID. Free guest parking is located in the front of the building.

Can’t make it this day? You are welcome to join us any Tuesday. RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/Grub-N-Gab-Toastmasters-Irvine-CA-Tuesdays-Noon/ so we know you are coming and will meet you in the lobby!

Flyer courtesy of Deb Evans

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Feb. 14 Grub N Gab Toastmasters Recap

This week, “Funny Valentine” was our theme led by Caroline.  She did a fantastic job reminding us that regardless of what gift expectations we may have for Valentine’s Day, it’s the kindness behind an act that matters.  Nancy shared an informative speech on the eligibility and rules of “How to hold a Toastmasters Club Speech Contest.”  Heather delivered an award-winning speech through her story, “This time I’m going to be on time.”  She offered helpful tips from a book “Never Be Late Again” by Diana Delonzor.  AnnaLisa led a fun table topic session, where Caroline shared her awful date experience and won the blue ribbon.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

Toastmasters Speech Contest is coming up.  Let’s get ready and practice our skills next Tuesday, Feb. 21.  Consider participating in the International Speech Contest or Table Topics.  The winners will represent Grub N Gab at the area contest on March 11.  It’s a great opportunity to enhance your speaking skills and meet likeminded people.  Let us know if you are interested in speaking in one or both of the contests!

Below are key details.

International Speech Contest

  • To be eligible to compete in the International Speech Contest, a member must have completed at least six speech projects in the Competent Communication manual prior to the club contest.
  • Speeches shall be from five to seven minutes.
    • A contestant will be disqualified if the speech is less than four minutes 30 seconds or more than seven minutes 30 seconds.
  • Contestants must prepare their own speeches, and each must be substantially original. (Inspirational speeches usually are well received).
    • Twenty-five percent or less of the speech may be devoted to quoting, paraphrasing, or referencing another person’s content.
    • Any quoted, paraphrased, or referenced content must be so identified during the speech presentation.

Table Topics Contest

  • The Table Topics Contest Chair will select a topic, general in nature
  • All contestants shall receive the same questions
    • Contestants will receive no advance knowledge of the topic until the moment they are introduced by the contest chair.
    • Timing will follow the conventional Toastmasters Table Topics length
  • When the contest begins, all contestants except the first shall leave the room and remain under the supervision of the contest sergeant at arms.
  • At the conclusion of each speech, the next speaker shall be invited into the room.
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Questions About Our Upcoming Club Contest

Hi Toastmasters, in preparation for our upcoming Club Speech Contest on February 21 I will be presenting a speech tomorrow on “How to Hold a Toastmasters Club Contest.”  Below are helpful pre-read information links


If you have any questions please post them here as a reply. Thank you and see you tomorrow.

– Nancy

Image courtesy of Toastmasters International


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Feb. 7 Grub N Gab Toastmasters Recap

Our theme this week was letting the good times roll.  Shefali, our Toastmaster, discussed having fun and enjoying life.

Caroline presented a speech from the CC manual, about Brazil- the cultural and economic aspects. She discussed the Brazilian culture, how different everyone looks from the immigration of many different countries, and how Brazilian’s act such as getting into your business all the time!  And the all-important- don’t mix up Brazil and Argentina, especially when it comes to soccer.  Caroline did an excellent job is personalizing the presentation and provided great stories about Brazilians in the US still arriving late to events.

Julie led our Table Topics portion of our meeting, and almost everyone got up and participated! We talked about how people have fun, how people have fun for free, and how they relax. Tien won the Table Topics section about how she would be CEO and no longer be a scientist.

We had two wonderful guests join us this week!

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

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