March 28 Grub N Gab Toastmasters Recap

Thank you everyone for a fun meeting this week.  Our theme was The Amazon World of Dr. Seuss.  Nancy provided great introductions for each of our functionaries, highlighting each person’s favorite Dr. Seuss book or character.  During the Table Topics portion of our meeting, Ernesto tied the questions back to Dr. Sues books.  For example, Green Eggs and Ham – tell us a time you tried something new or I Can Read With my Eyes Shut – tell us a time you saw something with your eyes open.

We had two great speakers.  Chris discussed loyalty trends and best practices.  Did you know that Americans in total check smartphones eight billion times a day?  Its imperative that incentives be fully mobile and allow them to track their points via an app.  Meanwhile, Heather continued to improve her contest speech, Be on Time.  We look forward to cheering her on this weekend at the Division J contest.

Our April 4 meeting is cancelled due an internal Allergan meeting.  We look forward to seeing everyone on April 11.

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March 21 Grub N Gab Toastmasters Recap

This week, we had a great meeting with two guests, Alicia and Shalom.  Our Toastmaster Sam Oh choose an inspiring topic, “Persistence & Patience to Become Stronger.”  He shared examples which he was inspired by our fellow member, Chris.  He reminded us to be tenacious and be patient every day.

Shirin delivered a speech from the Professional Speaker Manual on an “Extraordinary Man,” Warren Buffet.  Did you know that Warren Buffett’s methods of investment were in stock, real estate, in time, and money for retirement?  Although his net worth is $76 billion, he was a Wharton school drop-out and was rejected by Harvard Business School.  Meanwhile, Heather’s contest speech “Be on Time” was even better this week due to her extra practice.

Our new member, Sapna won the award ribbon in table topic as she shared her goals of being more patience and persistence in her volunteer work.

Our General Evaluator, Ernesto suggested great tips for improving our club setting such as keeping the word of the day board in the back of the room and minimizing our side conversations.

Heather will take on other competitors from Division J in the International Speech Contest.  Let’s show our support for Heather on April 1 at Capital Group in Irvine.  Click here to see our favorite memories from the area contest.  Registration is open at


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Founder’s District Division J Speech Contest – April 1

Join us for the Division J Table Topics and International Speech Contest.

Cheer on Heather as she competes against other Division J members in the International Speech Contest on April 1 at Capital Group.  Click here to pre-register.

We had a great time as a club at the are contest.  See a few of our favorite memories.

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Image courtesy of Julie Murphy

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March 14 Grub N Gab Toastmasters Recap

Thank you everyone for a fun meeting, our theme this week was Spring.  Our Toastmaster of the Day, Shirin opened our meeting with an overview of Persian New Year, which commences on Monday.

Jeannie delivered project three from the Competent Communicator manual, “Know Myself.”  A few ways you can get to know yourself better are to complete a Myers Briggs Personality test, read the Strength’s Finder 2.0 book by Tom Roth, ask those closest to you what they think of you as well as mediation and mindfulness.

One way to ask those closest to you what they think of you is via text.  Just be sure to reciprocate.

“Hi ____. I’m doing an exercise as part of a workshop I’m participating in. Will you please take a minute now and text me three words that describe me? Thanks! _____”

Meanwhile, Marianne delivered project two of the Advanced Communication manual, Humorously Speaking, “Millennials and the Workplace.”  Millennials have been taught they are special and can have anything they want through participation trophies, they were born with technology and their fingertips providing instant gratification leading to a sense of impatience. Click the YouTube video below for a fun video about millennials.

Despite millennials having a different approach to the workplace, some leaders consider them the best workers.  Click here to read a story from Forbes.

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Congratulations Heather and Julie

At the “Spring in to Action” Division J Area Contest, Heather and Julie were both winners!  It was also great to see Grub N Gab members, Nancy, Tien and Jeanie there to cheer them on.  Heather won first place for Area J3 International Speech and Julie won second place for Area J3 Table Topics.  Heather will go on to compete in the Division J Contest on April 1.  Both of their trophies will be engraved and presented at one of our upcoming club meetings.



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March 7 Grub N Gab Toastmasters Recap

“Never Give Up” was the theme of our meeting on March 7.  We had a full-house with four guests:  Emma and Nina from Western Digital and Allergan employees, Erica and Sepna who attended our Open House last week. Shelly did a great job at first time Toastmaster.  Saurabh delivered his first advanced communication speech and told a tale from Hindu Mythology about King Akbar, Birbal, his advisor and the foolish barber. Shirin gave a humorous speech about her trip to Costa Rica where she went horseback riding, zip-lining and exploring the coffee plantations and wilderness of Liberia (not to be confused with Liberia in Africa). Our two speakers shared the best speakers ribbon.  Jeanie won best table topics explaining how her family helps her persevere and AnnaLisa took home the best evaluator ribbon.

Please wish our Area Contest contestants Julie and Heather good luck on Saturday! Cheer them on in person and hear great speakers, registration is still open.  For more details visit

Congratulations again to Grub N Gab Toastmasters on our 10-year anniversary.

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