March 14 Grub N Gab Toastmasters Recap

Thank you everyone for a fun meeting, our theme this week was Spring.  Our Toastmaster of the Day, Shirin opened our meeting with an overview of Persian New Year, which commences on Monday.

Jeannie delivered project three from the Competent Communicator manual, “Know Myself.”  A few ways you can get to know yourself better are to complete a Myers Briggs Personality test, read the Strength’s Finder 2.0 book by Tom Roth, ask those closest to you what they think of you as well as mediation and mindfulness.

One way to ask those closest to you what they think of you is via text.  Just be sure to reciprocate.

“Hi ____. I’m doing an exercise as part of a workshop I’m participating in. Will you please take a minute now and text me three words that describe me? Thanks! _____”

Meanwhile, Marianne delivered project two of the Advanced Communication manual, Humorously Speaking, “Millennials and the Workplace.”  Millennials have been taught they are special and can have anything they want through participation trophies, they were born with technology and their fingertips providing instant gratification leading to a sense of impatience. Click the YouTube video below for a fun video about millennials.

Despite millennials having a different approach to the workplace, some leaders consider them the best workers.  Click here to read a story from Forbes.

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