Grub N Gab Toastmasters April 25 Recap

Our April 25 meeting was a surprise baby shower for Caroline, who is expecting a baby boy in a few weeks.  Preparing for parenthood was the theme. Caroline gave her third Competent Communicator speech, Iowa, the Field of Dreams and won best speaker. Julie delivered her Advanced Communicator speech on Locks of Love encouraging us to donate to the worthy cause. Click here to see Julie’s presentation.

Tien, our Table Topics Master and undercover rapper, started off the session with a performance of lyrics that were co-authored by Sapna just prior to the meeting.  Heather won best Table Topics explaining how parenthood changed her morning routine, while Nancy won best evaluation in evaluating Caroline’s speech.

Thanks everyone for keeping the theme a secret, coming early to decorate the conference room, and helping to clean up.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters April 18 Recap

Our theme this week was procrastination.  Our Toastmaster of the Day, AnnaLisa, shared tips to be more productive.  AnnaLisa suggested we be more organized, create lists and work on tasks in increments by setting milestones.

Sapna delivered project two from the Competent Communication Manual, discussing “What do you see?”.  She shared that a positive attitude can make a diffidence in a situation and we are role models for children.  Click here to see Sapna’s presentation.

Our second speaker Sam, had us laughing with his “The many faces of a modern man” speech.  He shared that as a seventh grader he tried to imitate John Wayne but everyone thought something was wrong with him.

Thank you to Nicole, our newest member for stepping up as Table Topics Master.  We discussed why we procrastinate and what we avoid doing by procrastinating.

Congratulations to Shirin for using no filler words during her evaluation!  Shirin admits she used to be notorious for her filler words.

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April 11 Grub N Gab Toastmasters Recap

The theme for this meeting was Power of Curiosity. Tien shared a story about the Power of Curiosity and children’s fascination with microwaving Peeps.  We had a guest Nicole who plans to join us next week as our Table Topics Master!

Sapna delivered her icebreaker speech. She discussed performing in a state Bollywood dancing competition, speaks four languages, and she has always been a curious child who liked to draw on the walls in her room. She even tasted vanilla extract and learned that it did not taste as good as it smelled.

Saurabh’s speech was on the day I met her. We all thought it was about his wife, when we come to find that it is about his daughter. I really enjoyed the imagery of Saurabh playing candy crush on his phone while his daughter was being born at the same time. But we got to hear about the whole nine-month process of the pregnancy after being urged by his parents to have children. His daughter was an unexpected surprise!

Deb had lively Tabletopics questions about curiosity. Heather talked about Google and instant gratification somewhat stifling the curious minds, Nicole discussed the curiosity of space, and Jeanie spoke about her friend and her sitting high up in a tree and falling down – they both turned out to be okay.

Marianne won for best evaluation, Sapna won best speaker, and Nicole, our guest won best Tabletopics.

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Congratulations Heather

We had a great time at the Division J Contest today. April Fools was the theme of this high energy contest.  Although Heather didn’t get a trophy this time, she gave an amazing performance.

Thank you, Heather, for representing our club in the contest and describing why people should check out our club during your interview. Also, thank you to Nancy, Julie and Tien for coming out in support.

Image courtesy of Julie Murphy

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