Grub N Gab Toastmasters May 30 Recap

“Memories That Make You Smile” was the theme of our meeting on May 30. Saurabh, our Toastmaster, started off the meeting by asking his functionaries to share a recent memory.  Sam gave an entertaining and introspective speech where he touched on the concepts randomness, control, and real and imagined constraints using a Starbucks Card, Operation Baby Lift, and the story The Elephant &The String as examples.  Shirin won best table topics sharing her favorite memory of when she and her sister found $55 floating in the ocean.

We have more memories ahead.  Congratulations to Caroline who welcomed her new son Daniel on May 14th and to Shefali who is getting married on June 10th!

Please also welcome our new officers Heather (Secretary) and Saurabh (VP Membership)

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters May 23 Recap

This week’s meeting theme, “My Favorite Kind of Quiet” was led by Shefali.  A few popular ideas of quietness to help decompress and rejuvenate our bodies and minds were sleeping, gardening, reading, playing chess and community service.  AnnaLisa delivered her eighth speech, “OC Food Bank”.  Did you know that one in eight Californians struggle with “food insecurity,” and one of five children in the Orange County area at risk of hunger each day?   Click here to view AnnaLisa’s presentation regarding how we can volunteer at the OC Food Bank.  We have the power to help; giving back to the community we live in!

For a first-timer evaluator, Sapna did an excellent job providing AnnaLisa with feedback!

Meanwhile, Nancy sparked a fun table topic session having Sam, Sapna, Jeannie, Saurabh, Zhijie Liu (our guest), and Bidhan share their views on how to de-stress.  It was a close call, however, Bidhan won the blue ribbon award describing that he will be volunteering this weekend to prepare and serve food for 600 people at a community church.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters May 16 Recap

We had a small meeting on May 16. Attendees were Heather, Julie, Anna Lisa, Saurabh, Sapna, and Jasmine.

Julie was the Toastmaster and had a theme of Cards Against Humanity. It was a funny and sometimes coarse card game that she played with her mother over the weekend.

Jule was also the speaker at this meeting. She discussed benefits of Club Leadership and the different roles of leadership you can take in Toastmasters to be more involved in your club. Below is an outline of the roles and click here to learn about the transferable skills you can learn.

Here are the different roles that are available in Toastmasters.

President – Executive officer, sets the tone of the meeting, ensures all officers are trained, is good at organizing and time management, and works well with people

Vice President of Education – Maintains the schedule of speakers and roles for each meeting giving everyone a chance to speak by planning the meetings

Vice President of Membership– Responsible making our members feel welcome, host and organize open houses, deals with event and planning management

Vice President of Public Relations– Maintains the club website, in charge of media relations and graphic design

Secretary– Responsible for all supplies we need, adds new members to TI, ensures that all members are up to date, take meeting minutes

Treasurer– Responsible for paying bills and maintain budget for events

Sergeant of Arms– Responsible for having a room every week where our club can meet, and greet members and guests

If you want to know more about these roles, please see your Toastmasters Competent Communication manual and look on page 76 to see if you would be interested in filling in any of these roles.  The term for these roles are six months at a time and July is when the next officers will take office. LACE training for officers will be June 10 so please let Nancy or Julie know if you are interested in any of these roles.

Sapna was our Topics Master for the meeting and everyone got to go up more than once for Tabletopics. We heard some funny funeral stories in addition to answering Sapna’s questions.

Saurabh was our General Evaluator and Heather evaluated Julie’s speech.

We had a great and hilarious meeting this week and we hope to see more people next week.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters May 9 Recap

Thank you everyone for a fun meeting this week.  Our theme was “self-care is not selfish.”  Deb reminded us to not let the battery run out before we take time to indulge in “kind self-care” such as a message or workout as well as “reflective self-care” such as a meditation or a walk.

Nancy delivered speech three from the Advanced Communicator Manual, Technical Presentation, “How Botox Works.” Nancy explained that Botox is diluted Botulinum toxin. The Botulinum toxin interferes with the communication between our nerves and muscles, therefore, the muscle cannot contract (is relaxed).  When Botox is injected into facial muscles, the muscles relax and wrinkles go away temporarily.

During our Table Topics session, we discussed self-care tips such as setting boundaries, relieving stress with a pedicure, power naps and visiting a senior center with a dog.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters May 2nd Meeting Recap

Our Toastmaster, Heather, brought forward a truly inspirational theme for our May 2nd meeting: “Be Brave Not Perfect” and “Don’t Let Your Fears Become Your Limit.” We had two great speeches. Bidhan told a story about a “Tiger and a Fox”. This was a story that his grandmother used to tell him when he was a boy that demonstrates the power of intellect over physical strength.  Deb won Best Speaker with her speech, “March for Babies,” explaining the history of the March of Dimes and her recent charity walk with her daughter to help reduce the premature baby rate.  Ramesh, our guest took home best Table Topics explaining how his daughter helped him overcome the “soft fear” of not being able to freely express the love he has for is family.

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