Grub N Gab Toastmasters May 9 Recap

Thank you everyone for a fun meeting this week.  Our theme was “self-care is not selfish.”  Deb reminded us to not let the battery run out before we take time to indulge in “kind self-care” such as a message or workout as well as “reflective self-care” such as a meditation or a walk.

Nancy delivered speech three from the Advanced Communicator Manual, Technical Presentation, “How Botox Works.” Nancy explained that Botox is diluted Botulinum toxin. The Botulinum toxin interferes with the communication between our nerves and muscles, therefore, the muscle cannot contract (is relaxed).  When Botox is injected into facial muscles, the muscles relax and wrinkles go away temporarily.

During our Table Topics session, we discussed self-care tips such as setting boundaries, relieving stress with a pedicure, power naps and visiting a senior center with a dog.

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