Grub N Gab Toastmasters June 13 Recap

Our theme this week was Ignite Change.  Our Toastmaster Tien shared a story regarding working with difficult people.

We had two great speakers.  Jeannie, delivered project four from her Competent Communicator Manual, “Can Heroes’ Ignite Change in Adults?”  Jeannie shared a fond memory regarding how she used to pretend to be a superhero with her siblings.  When we are young, we admire superheroes’ qualities.  When she saw Wonder Woman, this re-ignited her superhero admiration.  She ponders, what’s wrong with pretending again, would it make the world better – if we could be anything, what would it be?

Meanwhile, Heather delivered project eight from her Competent Communicator Manual, “J.K. Rowling – A Story of Hope and Inspiration.”  Heather considers herself a mild Harry Potter fan and discovered the series when she was on bed rest while pregnant.  The concept for Harry Potter came to Rowling while she was stuck in a four-hour train delay and living in poverty.  Rowling received 12 rejections for her manuscript before a publisher was willing to give her a chance.  Rowling is now one to richest women in the world and dedicated to helping others.

During our Table Topics session, we discussed what we would change and how and what changes we are most fearful of.  Shirin discussed that she would be a farmer.  Sapna, meanwhile, discussed her friends getting married, however, realizing there’s a new adventure at each step.

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