Grub N Gab Toastmasters Aug. 29 Recap

Thank you everyone for a great meeting this week.  We had a lot of fun!

Our Toastmaster Jeanie selected an amazing theme of “The Power of Belief” to reminder us about positive thinking and thoughts.

We had two speakers this week.  Nancy did a special occasions advance speech project and gave a wonderful toast celebrating Julie’s Advanced Leader Bronze Award.  Our newest member, Alexander, gave his ice breaker speech and did an excellent job.

Tien had a very fun Table Topics session and Bidhan did an excellent job as General Evaluator.

Our best speaker was Alexander, Best Evaluator was Shefali and best Table Topics was Deb.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters Aug. 22 Recap

Thank you everyone for a great meeting this week and all our club officer’s that have been participating in training. We hope to bring new ideas to make us an even stronger club.  There’s still an opportunity for training, however, time is running out.  Let Nancy or myself know if you want to learn more about your role.

Dues renewals are now open.  For anyone outside of Allergan, please bring a check or credit card so we can start working on renewals.

Our Toastmaster Bidhan selected relaxation as our theme for the week and discussed the benefits of coming to Toastmasters every week.  We had one speaker Saurabh, the title was EPIC BATTLE OF MAHABHARATA, a great story about India 5,000 years ago and war between the two dynasties for the throne.

Deb, our Topic Master had very interesting questions regarding persons or things that motives people to relax.

Please welcome our new member, Alex.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters Aug. 15 Recap

Thank you everyone for a fun meeting this week.  Nady, who was a first time Toastmaster, selected Traditional Childhood Games as our theme this week.  He opened the meeting showing us some of the games he used to play in Egypt including marbles, jump rope and jacks.

Julie presented Project 1 from the Public Relations manual, a goodwill speech for Toastmasters International.  She provided tips to overcome our fear of public speaking.  Click here to see her presentation.

During our Table Topics session, we discussed how to get kids to play outside instead of video games, our favorite childhood game, fun games to play with co-workers and the importance of making exercise fun for kids.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters Aug 8th Recap

We had an intimate and exciting meeting August 8th.  The theme was Gardening and Tien shared home grown cherry tomatoes with us.  What a treat!  Ernesto won the Best Speaker ribbon with his CC#7 speech on “The Back-country,”  sharing the 10 essentials needed to make sure you are prepared for survival in the wilderness.  Shefali gave her speech #3 from the Humorously Speaking AC manual.  She encouraged us to seek balance regarding the   “Fake News” – enjoy it for what it is, but don’t take it too far.  Our potential new member, Frank, took home the Best Table Topics prize. If he could be a fruit or vegetable he chose the ambiguous tomato which he explained was the “equivalent to a smile.” We had excellent constructive criticism and encouragement from both of our evaluators, Jeanie edged out AnnaLisa for the Best Evaluator prize.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters Aug. 1 Recap

This week we had three guests join our meeting (John, Ryan, and Frank).  Our meeting theme was “Invest In Yourself” led by Nancy.  As we are busy taking care of family and work, we often forget to take the time to do things for ourselves.  Nancy reminded us to allocate time to “invest in ourselves.”  She has invested her time in joining pottery classes for fun and relaxation.  She also sets goals to expand her business skills.  Shirin delivered an awesome and entertaining sales-pitch, recommending Malta as the “Best Place to Retire.”  Malta is a tiny island between Sicily and North Africa.  The weather is warm with over 300 days of sunshine.  Shirin’s speech was well-researched:  including cost of living, health-care, food, public transportation, and entertainment.  She ensured us not to worry that the Maltese speak fluent English.  We will fit right in.  Shirin has us sold on visiting Malta!  Saurabh gave a detailed evaluation providing Shirin with tips to further enhance her presentation.

Meanwhile, during the Table Topics portion of our meeting; Julie, Shirin, John (our guest), and Shefali shared their views on investing in their health, building self-confidence, reading educational books, and choosing to be happy.  John did a stupendous job winning the Blue Ribbon Award!

We, Grub N Gabbers, are always open to improving our meeting.  Our General Evaluator, Julie, encouraged us to think of ways to better communicate confirming functionary roles so that we are not overwhelmed with emails and filling vital roles at the last minute.  If you have suggestions, please send them to Julie!

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