Grub N Gab Toastmasters Sept. 12 Recap

This week’s meeting was different, the theme was “Our Chapter.”  Our Toastmaster, Nancy, discussed the history of Toastmasters, including the vision of Ralph Smedley, who founded the organization 93 years ago.  For example, Toastmasters used to be only open to men.  We took the time to record our one minute video for the Smedley Chapter One – 93rd anniversary International Project.  Our video will be ready by Sept. 14.

We had only one speaker Sapna, who joined us after a break.  Her speech topic was “A Pet’s Purpose,” she gave lot of good information regarding why we should adopt a pet, where we should adopt from, the benefits you will receive along with the benefits you will give to the world by adopting.

AnnaLisa evaluated Spana and shared her wish to adopt a pet for herself!

We were joined by a guest Melissa who is from the Advertising field.  She joined our club to become bold in her job! Great choice Melissa!

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