Grub N Gab Toastmasters – April 24 Meeting Recap

Our club meeting started on time. With having only five members attend this week, each member stepped up taking multiple roles. No doubts, our club members are always in good spirit!

The theme of our meeting was “Seasons of Life.”  Our Toastmaster of that Day, Heather Menchine shared a personal story about her parents, after some strong persuasion they moved to a new house a a 10 minutes’ drive from her place.  She discussed how she is embracing her life with these good changes.

We had two speakers in our meeting: Saurabh and Bianca.

Saurabh’s objective was to entertain and indeed with his speech “Me In my 20s” he was able to tickle our members! His speech was evaluated by Tien and she provided some great feedback.

Bianca’s objective was to make audience believe in her speech and definitely was all prepared with statistics to persuade everyone. She discussed the local news channel group “Sinclair Broadcasting company,” which accounts of 70 percent of national news stations!

We had impromptu Table Topics session with Word of the Day, Thrive.  Bianca and Tien talk about the new things they want to bring in their life, which they really liked or wanted to do in past and bring that as part of our theme “Seasons of Life”

At the recommendation of our Toastmaster of the Day, we had no voting, and everyone was a winner this week!

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters – April 17 Meeting Recap

Our theme this week was birthdays.  Our speaker, Daniel, discussed springing into summer. He discussed the importance of exercise and it can provide a lower resting heart rate.  Daniel explained according to studies walking 10 minutes 3 times a day has more benefits to our heart than 30 minutes of continuous walking.  Also high intensity work outs such as regular aerobics or strength training can help us maintain a lower heart rate. Exercise can help you sleep better and have less stress.  He also discussed how fat leaves your body.

We had remarkable table topics session with great use of our Word of the Day, commemorate.  We shared memorable birthdays, bad birthdays, and our dream dream birthdays.

Word of the day was . Our first time Toastmaster, Dan Mester did an excellent Job!

Grub N Gab Toastmasters – April 10 Meeting Recap

This week we had a fun and exciting toastmaster’s meeting.   Our Toastmaster, Dan LaFranchi, picked “Siblings” as the theme of the meeting and we had a lot of fun discussing memories about our siblings.   Our speaker, Julie, did an awards presenting recognizing RoseMary finishing the first part of Pathways.    Our Table Topics Master,  Shefali, had great questions about siblings and we got a chance to talk about some of our childhood memories .    Alex won best Table Topics.  All in all it was a great meeting and we look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Grub N Gab Toastmasters – April 3 Meeting Recap

Spring Cleaning was the theme of our April 3rd meeting.  Tien, our Toastmaster, explained how deluttering our lives will bring us good Chi. We had 3 excellent speakers and evaluators.  Daniel gave his 2nd speech from Innovative Planning Level 1 on “Springing Into Health.” He summarized what items to avoid and increase to maintain a healthy diet.  Sam gave an Advance Communicator Manual speech sharing a dramatic “Life Changing Moment While Walking the Dog.”  Sapna delivered her Speech #3 from the Competent Communicator Manual using humor and vocal variety to share her experience with “Puppy Training.”  Dan received a First Timer award for his role as Table Topics Master.  Our Best Speaker was Daniel, Best Evaluator was Nancy, and Best Table Topics was Alex who described the oddest and most difficult thing he ever had to clean – the wheel bearings on his ‘68 VW.