Grub N Gab Aug. 7 Preview – Recognition

I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday. Our theme this week is “Recognition.”  We have a special presentation from David Hosmer, who will discuss Toastmasters Success Stories and Founder’s District 75th Diamond Anniversary.

Please be sure to bring a government-issued photo id and we will meet you in the lobby.

Tuesday August 7, 2018 12:00 PM to 1:39 AM

Meeting Theme


President calls the meeting to the order & introduces Toastmaster of the Day

Toastmaster of the Day:
Julie Murphy, ACB ALB

Toastmaster of the Day Introduces Roles


Eloquent – fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing. (Adjetive)

Bianca Marcolino
Vote Counter:
Sapna Patel, CC
General Evaluator:
Bidhan Ray, ACB
Officer Recap:
Julie Murphy, ACB ALB

Toastmaster Introduces Speakers

Daniel LaFranchi, IP5
David Hosmer (guest)

Toastmaster Introduces the Table Topics Master

Conducts Table Topics Session & Returns Control to the President

GE Introduces Evaluators

General Evaluator Calls for Reports

Timer, Grammarian & GE provides reports

Toastmaster Presents Awards and Returns Control to the President

Club President Reviews Schedule for Next Week and Makes Closing Remarks

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