Grub N Gab Jan. 15 Recap

Thanks to everyone for attending our “New Years
Resolutions” meeting on January 15th where our Toastmaster, Tien,
delivered a great introduction regarding 10 healthy habits to establish for the
new year. There was a couple great speeches delivered; one inspiring speech by
Sapna regarding personalities; another by Dan about filler words. 

It was great to see a few new guests come out to the meeting and a couple even volunteered to present at Table Topics. One of the best Table Topics was actually awarded to one of the guests, Christy. Looking forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting Tuesday (1/22).

Tuesday January 22, 2019 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Toastmaster of the Day:
Tien Duong, ACB CL

Meeting Theme

‘Tidy Up’

Shefali Parekh, ACS, ALB


Shirty (adj): bad-tempered; irritable; cranky

Example: Don’t get shirty when I talk about that dream.

Tien Duong, ACB CL

Vote Counter:
Annalisa R. McLafferty, CC

General Evaluator:
Alexander Glenn Davis

Officer Recap:
Alexander Glenn Davis

Julie Murphy, ACB ALB



Topics Master:
Daniel LaFranchi, IP12

Sapna Patel

Shirin Lavaie, CC CL

Shefali Parekh, ACS, ALB

Event date is past

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