Grub N Gab March 26, 2019 Recap

Thank you, everyone, for a great meeting!  Our Toastmaster, Dan shares a few ways to help us maintain and/or increase our Memories.  It was found beneficial to eat more fruits and veggies, practice repetition, mnemonic skills, link things with an association, aerobic exercise, and plentiful of sleep.  It is also helpful to continue learning new materials and avoid using brain training apps.

We welcomed Kim McPhaul, our newest GNG member.  We also had two returning guests (Kevin and Sabastian).  We had no speakers this week; we had so much fun in Table Topics which led by Kevin MacNaughton.  There was a schedule conflict in the reserved conference room, resulted in a shorter meeting.  We wished we had more time! 

My best memories are the ones we make together and the stories you share.  Hope to see you all next week!

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