Grub N Gab Toastmasters Aug. 7 Meeting Recap

Thank you everyone for a great meeting this week.  We had two guests.  Aron Darling, our Area Director as well as David Hosmer, who discussed Founder’s District “Success Stories.”

Daniel delivered two speeches from the Innovating Planning patch, discussing the bridge building competition he took part in.   He provided an overview of the project, discussed challenges such a limited funds and resources, provided an overview of the team and tools they undertook to motivate the team as well as showcased the final product.

During our Table Topics session, we shared success stories.  AnnaLisa shared that the first time she participated in Table Topics she cried and now she routinely speaks in front of groups to provide training.  Aron shared that he visits at least two new clubs when he travels.  One of the most interesting clubs was prisoners in Minnesota.  They are planning to use their voice to make a difference in their communities.  If you want your story to be featured in an upcoming Founder’s District newsletter, contact Dave Hosmer at (949) 302-9305.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters – July 10 Meeting Recap

Thank you everyone for a great meeting this week.  Our theme was “Things to do in a Lifetime.”  Julie reminded us to take time to enjoy life and spend time with those we love.

We had two speakers.  Julie shared her Division E goals for the 2018/2019 Toastmasters year and tips for building a successful club.  Click here to read about her goals.

Meanwhile, Dan shared the importance of “taking a break” from technology.  Many people die from looking at their phone while walking. The typical person looks at their phone every five seconds.   Dan shared that we can reduce our phone usage by reading a book, taking a walk and encouraging everyone to put their phone in the center of the table – the first person who looks at their phone pays!  We should also avoid the use of electronic devices two hours before bed, so we don’t reduce our melatonin. Click here to see Dan’s presentation and learn more about taking a break from technology.

The common theme during Table Topics was the importance of family and spending quality time with our loved ones!

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters – May 29 Meeting Recap

Thank you everyone for joining us for a dreamy meeting this week.  Our Toastmaster of the Day, Alex, shared what our dreams mean. For example, our teeth falling out usually senses a lack of control.  Dreams can be caused by anxiety, PTSD or epilepsy.

Congratulations to AnnaLisa for delivering her 10th speech to complete her Competent Communicator manual! One of her favorite quotes in “Nothing is sat last sacred but the thoughts of your own mind,” Ralph Waldo Emmerson.  AnnaLisa inspired with a story of Ling and through Integrity, he was selected as the heir to the throne.  Click here to read the story.

Sapna shared details from her volunteer trip to Thailand.  The volunteer activities included, reforestation, teaching English to school children and elephant health checks.  Sapna shared how inspired she was to see the children’s dedication to learning.  The students often walk two hours to get the school and live in dorms during the week.  They also don’t have modern luxuries such as books, so they learn though visual demonstrations.  Sapna encouraged us to visit to select a volunteer project that inspires us.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters – May 22 Meeting Recap

Our theme this week was Brain Health.  Our Toastmaster, Saraubh,  created a wonderful presentation about brain heath and what to do to keep your brain healthy (eating well, reading and exercising the brain). We had two speeches.

Our first speaker, Daniel discussed the many different leadership styles – authoritative, democratic, pacesetter, innovative, and charismatic.

Our second speaker, Julie congratulated Daniel of being one of the first in Founder’s District to complete a Path in Pathways and demonstrating excellent leadership.

Heather, our Table Topics Master generated fantastic questions regarding brain health.

Saurabh closed with meeting with a great quote, “thoughts are just a small part of who we are. Unfortunately they are so dominant in our consciousness that they can end up over the whole show”.

Also, thank you everyone for selecting an outstanding leadership team for the 2018/2019 Toastmasters year.  Although, we still need a volunteer for Secretary.

  • President – Julie
  • VPE – Alex
  • VPM – RoseMary
  • VP PR – Heather
  • Treasurer – Tien
  • Sargent At Arms – Shefali
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