Grub N Gab Toastmasters Oct. 10 Recap

Our October 10 meeting theme was “The Best Part of Fall Harvest.” Bidhan’s  advance communicator speech on “Shopping” captivated the audience as he described the heartwarming story of a late evening shopping trip with his son.  With only one planned speech we had a lively round of Table Topics.  One of our four guests, Jorge, won the Best Table Topics ribbon for described a fall vision engrained in his memory: a beautiful woman being photographed against a brilliant backdrop of changing fall leaves on the Sepulveda Pass.  Nady was Bidhan’s speech evaluator and gave valuable constructive feedback. Thanks everyone for a great meeting.


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Grub N Gab Toastmasters Oct. 3 Recap

Despite technical challenges at the beginning of the meeting, we rallied together for a fun and productive time this week.

Our theme this week was mindfulness.  We opened the meeting with a mindful practice.  Saurabh also shared that Diana Winston has podcasts to help us being more mindful.

Alexander’s delivered speech number three from his Component Communicator Manual, What is Apostile?  An “apostille” is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961.  Click here to see his presentation to learn more.

Meanwhile, Tien delivered project three from the Advanced Communicator Manual, technical presentations, Playing God – Geoengineering.  Tien discussed that Geoengineering is deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change.  Did you know that many counties participate in cloud seeding programs?  Click here to see her presentation to learn more about the side affects.

During our Table Topics, led by Nady, we discussed is we are born mindful or trained to be mindful, the differences between two children and that celebrities are mindful by using their name to raise awareness.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters Sept. 26 Recap

The theme of our Sept. 26 meeting was Traditions. Heather gave speech number nine form here Competent Communicator manual, persuading us to add Lisbon, Portugal, to our bucket lists.

Alexander won the Best Speaker ribbon with his humorous speech on “How to Use Craigslist and Live to Tell About it.”

Our Best Evaluator was Sapna who evaluated Alex’s speech and Jeanie won best Table Topics explaining why the bachelorette party is and outdated wedding tradition.


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Grub N Gab Toastmasters Sept. 19 Recap

This week’s theme “Disaster Preparedness” was very appropriate given recent national and world events.  Our Toastmaster, Julie, discussed the importance of being prepared for a disaster such as an earthquake.  She passed out a helpful basic emergency kit checklist prepared by “Ready OC– Orange County’s emergency preparedness resource” and inspired us all to either start or update our own emergency kit.

Our one and only speaker was Shefali, who gave a humorous speech about her beautiful Indian wedding ceremony.  She shared colorful photos of the big day and explained the importance of different rituals throughout the ceremony.

Our Table Topics Master, Heather provided thought-provoking table topic questions related to disaster preparedness, and Ernesto Yzaguirre carefully evaluated Shefali’s speech.  Overall, the meeting ran very smoothly according to our general evaluator Shirin Lavaie.

We also took a club photo with Woody the Traveling gavel.  Follow the adventure via Instagram using #fdwoody

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters Sept. 12 Recap

This week’s meeting was different, the theme was “Our Chapter.”  Our Toastmaster, Nancy, discussed the history of Toastmasters, including the vision of Ralph Smedley, who founded the organization 93 years ago.  For example, Toastmasters used to be only open to men.  We took the time to record our one minute video for the Smedley Chapter One – 93rd anniversary International Project.  Our video will be ready by Sept. 14.

We had only one speaker Sapna, who joined us after a break.  Her speech topic was “A Pet’s Purpose,” she gave lot of good information regarding why we should adopt a pet, where we should adopt from, the benefits you will receive along with the benefits you will give to the world by adopting.

AnnaLisa evaluated Spana and shared her wish to adopt a pet for herself!

We were joined by a guest Melissa who is from the Advertising field.  She joined our club to become bold in her job! Great choice Melissa!

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