Discover the Artist Within You on Oct. 30

Public Speaking is much like an artist sketch.  Toastmasters can help you refine your sketch through increased self-awareness and positive mentoring.  Join us on Tuesday to discover the “The Artist In You.”

We meet every Tuesday at Allergan in Irvine.  Bring a government-issued photo ID and we will meet you in the lobby!  Feel free to bring your grub. 

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Grub N Gab Oct. 9 Recap

Thanks to everyone for attending our “Seasons” meeting on October 9th where we learned about the changes occurring to the seasons by our Toastmaster Alex.

Julie gave a very helpful impromptu speech regarding car buying tips. Really helpful to get advice on the topic from someone in the industry!
It was a small but mighty group so Tien took a different approach to Table Topics by allowing the group to split into teams and “tag team” a response to the questions she asked.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting which will be an Open House on Tuesday (10/16). Invite all that would be interested in attending!

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Open House on Oct. 16

Join Grub N Gab Toastmasters for an Open House on Oct. 16 from noon to 1 p.m. at Allergran in Irvine. Come for the food, stay for the fun and learn how to: put your thoughts into words, develop better speaking and presenting skills, gain confidence, provide constructive feedback as well as communicate and lead.

Can’t make it this day? You are welcome to join us any Tuesday. RSVP at so we know you are coming!


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Grub N Gab Oct. 2 Recap

Thanks to everyone that came out for a great meeting on October 2. The tone of the meeting was set with a great theme of “I am just me because..” by our Toastmaster Julie.

Shirin started off the meeting with a strong ice breaker speech to start off her Pathways endeavor. She engaged us right from the beginning about her upbringing until the very end about her current position at Allergan and everything she experienced in between.

Table topics was led by Daniel who played off the theme of the meeting and asked about things such as certain characteristics that define you or certain routines we tend to follow. Huge shoutout to our guest Sheryl who was deemed the best speaker during Table Topics.

Looking forward to seeing at our next meeting (10/9) and eventually our Open House on Tuesday (10/16).

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I am just me because ….

One of key tenets of Toastmasters is a positive and supportive atmosphere in a community of learners.  Bring your lunch and join Grub N Gab Toastmasters on Oct. 2 at noon at Allergan in Irvine to discuss what makes you unique.

Bring a government-issued photo ID and we will meet you in the lobby.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters Sept. 25 Recap

The theme of our meeting this week as Change.  RoseMary discussed taking the train and catching a bus in Sylmar.  It was quite the eye opener taking a bus but she met some interesting people who helped her navigate the system. 

Our speaker this week, Daniel, discussed launching a career development program for young professionals at his office.  The program focuses on networking opportunities and may expand to training as they build upon their success.

During Table Topics we discussed changes.  Saurabh shared that he learned to swim along his daughter.  Shirin shared that one of her coworkers moved to Atlanta.  Shirin often ponders how diffident her life would be if she had moved. 

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Learn How you Can Overcome your Fear of Change with Grub N Gab Toastmasters on Sept. 25

Do you fear change? Toastmasters is a fun way to grow your confidence so you can lessen your fear of change.  Toastmasters is designed to help you present impromptu and prepared speeches, learn how to plan and manage meetings as well as give constructive and receive constructive feedback.

Grub N Gab Toastmasters meets every Tuesday at Allergan in Irvine.  We look forward to getting to know you.

Be sure to bring a government- issued ID and we will meet you in the lobby.

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