Grub N Gab Toastmasters – June 19 Meeting Recap

We had an exciting “Summer Vacations” meeting led by Toastmaster, Shefali Parekh.  Although the group was small, we managed to have a mighty fun time.   Our speaker, Julie Murphy, delivered a specialty speech on the “Fleet of Kia Souls”.  Her passion and enthusiasm for this product surely got the audiences attention.  A few facts about the Kia Soul: 1) Nice & Compact car 2) 31 miles per gallon 3) Electric car option 4) >100 cubic feet cargo space 5) 60/40 folding seats 6) Blind spot detection 7) And auto on/off headlight.  It’s the go anywhere car.  Great job on selling the product, Julie!

Dan led a stupendous Table Topics segment, having Heather, Tom (Guest, Heather’s son), Alex, Tien, Shefali, and Julie sharing their thoughts on travel destinations, method preferences, traveling tactics for kids, and dream destinations.  Alex’s humorous travel story and living in the OC earned him the Blue Award Ribbon!

Tuesday June 26, 2018 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Meeting Theme

"Life Journey"

Toastmaster of the Day:
Tien Duong, ACB
Introduces the: Grammarian, Timer, Vote Counter and Speakers
General Evaluator:
Annalisa R. McLafferty
Explains the importance of evaluations. Introduces Evaluators. Asks for Grammarian report. Gives overall evaluation of the meeting.
Topics Master:
Alexander Glenn Davis
Daniel LaFranchi
Fiona Wang
Backup Speaker:
Julie Murphy, CL CC
Shefali Parekh, ACS, ALB
Bianca Marcolino
Leads word of the day contest.


Not set

Vote Counter:
Nancy Schramm, ACS, ALB
Officer Recap:
Tien Duong, ACB


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Grub N Gab Toastmasters – June 5th Meeting Recap

Nancy, our club president started this week’s meeting by welcoming everyone and talking about business items “Club Roles for this year of our Toastmaster club”. Many new members will be taking over roles for the first time! Excited time for the new roles owner @ Grub and Gab club. Congratulations!

Perseverance was this week topic and it was lead by Toastmaster of the week, Sam Oh!  Sam encourage by telling everyone the mantra : Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

We had only 1 speaker this week , Daniel who is at great pace to finish line of his selected pathway module.
Daniel objective was to connect with his audience and he talk about designing  and building bridges, which is his profession as well. During and post his speech, he smartly engaged with all the members by asking question like a quiz and everyone had fun learning about bridges!

TableTopics was lead by Alex, he asked great number of questions to test the tenacity of keeping the perseverance from all the members, present in the meeting. Daniel scored the blue ribbon there!

Meeting was concluded by Nancy with finalizing the next week’s role!

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters – May 29 Meeting Recap

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Thank you everyone for joining us for a dreamy meeting this week.  Our Toastmaster of the Day, Alex, shared what our dreams mean. For example, our teeth falling out usually senses a lack of control.  Dreams can be caused by anxiety, PTSD or epilepsy.

Congratulations to AnnaLisa for delivering her 10th speech to complete her Competent Communicator manual! One of her favorite quotes in “Nothing is sat last sacred but the thoughts of your own mind,” Ralph Waldo Emmerson.  AnnaLisa inspired with a story of Ling and through Integrity, he was selected as the heir to the throne.  Click here to read the story.

Sapna shared details from her volunteer trip to Thailand.  The volunteer activities included, reforestation, teaching English to school children and elephant health checks.  Sapna shared how inspired she was to see the children’s dedication to learning.  The students often walk two hours to get the school and live in dorms during the week.  They also don’t have modern luxuries such as books, so they learn though visual demonstrations.  Sapna encouraged us to visit to select a volunteer project that inspires us.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters – May 22 Meeting Recap

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Our theme this week was Brain Health.  Our Toastmaster, Saraubh,  created a wonderful presentation about brain heath and what to do to keep your brain healthy (eating well, reading and exercising the brain). We had two speeches.

Our first speaker, Daniel discussed the many different leadership styles – authoritative, democratic, pacesetter, innovative, and charismatic.

Our second speaker, Julie congratulated Daniel of being one of the first in Founder’s District to complete a Path in Pathways and demonstrating excellent leadership.

Heather, our Table Topics Master generated fantastic questions regarding brain health.

Saurabh closed with meeting with a great quote, “thoughts are just a small part of who we are. Unfortunately they are so dominant in our consciousness that they can end up over the whole show”.

Also, thank you everyone for selecting an outstanding leadership team for the 2018/2019 Toastmasters year.  Although, we still need a volunteer for Secretary.

  • President – Julie
  • VPE – Alex
  • VPM – RoseMary
  • VP PR – Heather
  • Treasurer – Tien
  • Sargent At Arms – Shefali
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Grub N Gab Toastmasters: May 15 Meeting Recap

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This week, we had two guests Shaun Veran and Sebastian Lopez join us for an entertaining “Summer Vacations” meeting led by our Toastmaster, Shirin Lavaie.  She provided us with facts and tips regarding popular vacation destinations.  Did you know that Brazil offers their working citizens a stunning 41 days of holiday pay per year?  Conversely, United States is the only developed country in the world without a single legally required paid vacation day.  A few frequently visited vacation places in America are Boston, Bar Harbor Maine, Sonoma wine country, Seaside Oregon, Seattle, and Teton National Park.

RoseMary’s informative, humorous presentation on “Get To The Point Already” described the four communication styles.  They can be direct, initiating, supportive and/or analytical.  Which style do you normally use?

Meanwhile, Saurabh took us for a ride with his family to Yellow Stone National Park.  So glad we all arrived home safely! Congratulations Saurabh on winning the Blue Award Ribbon!

Our first-timer Evaluator, Daniel, and Table Topic Master, Alex, did a great job providing feedback, which  promoted an exciting impromptu brainstorming discussion.

Time is precious!  What is your plan for this summer vacation?

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters – May 8 Meeting Recap

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Thank you everyone for a great meeting this week.  Our theme this week was jumping over hurdles.

Daniel discussed the hurdle of buying a house in Orange County.  He suggested that we be knowledgeable, take advantage of first time home buyer credits, get pre-approved and perhaps most importantly pick the right agent.  Click here to see his presentation.

Nancy, delivered her Ice Breaker in Pathways, re-introducing herself.  Nancy interwove how technology has progressed as she took us on a journey from her childhood through today.  She also shared that she plans to embark on another life journey by re-locating to Campbell, California, to be closer to her elderly mom.  Nancy has promised to come back to visit us often!

During our Table Topics session, we discussed the power of positive influence, using those around us as a sounding board and having patience instead of rushing.

Club officer training will be held June 16 at Chapman University.  Registration is opening for the training soon.  We need to elect our next round of officers.  Be on the lookout for an overview of the roles and the benefits of being an officer.

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Grub N Gab Toastmasters May 1 – Meeting Recap

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We had a small but mighty meeting today with five members and two guests.  Everyone stepped up and took a role or participated in Table Topics.

Our Toastmaster Nancy picked the theme “Tech tips” and inspired us to stay up-to-date with technology.  She shared tips on easy ways to try new technology and avoid becoming a “Technophobe” (our Word of The Day).

Keeping in line with the theme, Nancy also gave a speech on how to use our club website better.  She walked us through the steps to add our own comments in the blog and manage our weekly RSVP process.

Sam stepped up as an evaluator for Nancy and gave her great tips.  She is going to take his suggestions and give the same but improved speech next week.

Lastly, Saurabh was our Table Topics Master and led our impromptu speaking portion with thought provoking tech-related questions.  One of our guests, Annie, did a great job and walked away with the winning topics master ribbon for the day.

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